Sophós Advisors is an independent advisory firm specializing in risk management and international insurance.

Insurance products and tailored programs to cover property, casualty and specialized risks, as well as captive insurance and alternative risk transfer mechanisms

Independent, conflict-free advice and representation in the insurance marketplace.

Seasoned Wealth Management professionals with more than 25 years of combined experience serving the needs of global High and Ultra-High-Net-Worth families

Sophós: a person with deep knowledge of a subject matter. One who acts rationally and sensibly.

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Private Life Insurance

Working with a diverse product portfolio allows us to find solutions that adapt to the different planning strategies and needs of the families and businesses we advise. Our platform includes providers of permanent and temporary solutions:

  • Universal and Whole Life
  • Private Placement
  • Annuities
  • Term Life
  • Issuing Jurisdiction

    • Investor and asset protection rules
    • Tax and regulatory environment
    • Capital and reserve requirements
  • Liquidity Soluions

    • Legacy and income replacement
    • Tax mitigation
    • Philanthropy
    • Business succession plan
  • Product Strategy

    • Variable Coverage
    • Investment return and modeling
    • Flexible premium options
    • Locally Compliant Products

Captive Insurance

A formalized, special-purpose corporate structure established by a parent company, trade association or group of companies to insure the risks of its owner(s)

Why form a captive?

For risks that a company elects to retain and self-insure, a captive insurance program offers significant benefits compared to self-insurance.

For risks that a company seeks to transfer, captives can provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional third party coverage.

Captives are set up for four main reasons:

  • Cost

    Lower total cost of insurance

  • Control

    Increased control of premiums and claims

  • Capacity

    Higher policy limits through reinsurance

  • Coverage

    Customized program design

Sophos Advisors

  • Over 25 years
    of combined industry experience
  • 230 million USD
    of accumulated premium
  • 750 million
    of total coverage placed

Sophós Advisors is an independent consulting firm specialized in risk management and international insurance as a tool within a wealth and estate planning context. We advise high net worth families and businesses on how to use diverse risk management tools to achieve different planning objectives, with particular expertise in life insurance solutions as a wealth transfer planning tool and captive insurance program set up and management.

Because each family and business group has different needs and lives through different challenges, our bespoke insurance products and programs are best-in-class and are issued from multiple jurisdictions, each with its own specific characteristics and benefits.